Mithun Mostafiz


Education and Research
  • Ethno-Cultural Studies
  • Communication
  • Folklore
  • Socio-cultural Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Social Development Reviewing
  • Socio-political Research
Journalism, Communication & Broadcast
  • Leading a team of reporters for high-impact, accountable and compelling journalism
  • Monitor and track performance and mentoring news staffs
  • Create and promote innovative new multiplatform storytelling tools in the newsroom
  • Maintain and enforce journalistic best-practices
  • Check content and correctness for broadcast
  • Re-write copies to make them easier for audience to communicate
  • Verify facts, using standard references and sources and ensuring objectivity
  • Supervising Editors and Reporters to help their ideas and stories materialized
  • Planning content for broadcast followig pro-people editorial policy
  • Allocate time for stories, video’s and illustrations that makes meaningful broadcast
  • Write investigative pieces that enhance and promote quality, accountable, journalism
  • Approving final versions of copies and texts submitted by news junkies
  • Interviewing people in a range of different circumstances
  • Producing and Directing TV Shows
  • Writing’fillers’ and researching and producing documentary film
  • Prospects planning of the newsroom
  • Leading Television and News Paper Organisation
  • Developing and consulting for productive digital media platform
Public Speaking and Motivation
  • International Lecture
  • Motivational Speech
  • Hosting and Moderating Television Shows