Mithun Mostafiz


Public University Faculty, Researcher, Mass Media Expert, Broadcaster, Journalist and Columnist from Dhaka, Bangladesh Dr. Mostafizur Rahman, also globally known as Mithun Mostafiz is a Vice-President of International Consortium for Social Development-ICSD, Australia and Member of United Nation Journalists Inter-Governmental Organization-UNJIGO and Amnesty International UK, a Nobel laureate human rights defender in the globe. At present, he is Chairman of the Department of Folklore Studies, Islamic University Bangladesh, Kushtia-Jhenaidah-7003. Dr. Mostafizur Rahman is a Visiting Professor, Academic Advisor and PhD Research Supervisor of Noble International University-NIU (USA).
Apart from being an ethno-cultural analyst, Dr. Mostafizur Rahman, an internationally acclaimed Television Journalist, Broadcaster, Communication Specialist and versatile media personality known as Mithun Mostafiz in the media sphere, has excelled two decades of experience in mass communication, skilled and imbued with multi-lingual abilities. He is the Editor of Bengali national newspaper- ‘The Daily Bangladesh Shomoy’ and Consultant for Television News and Current Affairs.
Dr. Rahman is awarded for his outstanding contribution to the international media through reporting against terrorism, militancy, and religious extremism. He has been strongly expressing opinion in the global media sphere by participating to different talk shows as a discussant. Moreover, he has been contributing to the global television industry in different formats such as directing, producing and hosting programs in need of greater public interest and well-being to help the global community through information services as a complete broadcaster. Dr. Rahman has been professionally helping the globalized world through the proper and ethical practice of journalism and freedom of speech and also helping practice institutional democracy ensuring rule of law, upholding human rights, democracy and development for human life and livelihood in the livable planet earth.
Dr. Mostafizur Rahman has authored the book ‘Khasi women in Bangladesh’ published by Som Publication, Kolkata, India in 2020. His two other books are under printing process. He has achieved PhD in ethno cultural studies and his area of research interest includes ethno cultural diversity, communication, volunteerism, folklore and socio-environmental issues.